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Armidale Dumaresq Council

How to Apply for a Vacant Position

Selection for employment opportunities at Armidale Dumaresq Council is based on merit. The key to gaining an interview is your written application.  You need to ensure you make your application clear, concise and well presented.  Remember, more is not necessarily better so avoid long-winded responses. Use relevant examples of your ability, skills, knowledge and prior experience to perform the duties of the advertised position.

Information about the position

Gather all the information about the position that you can.  This can be found on Council’s website.  Read the job advertisement and position description carefully and for additional information about the job you may speak to the contact person noted in the job advertisement.

Completing your application

To be eligible for consideration as a job applicant it is essential that you respond to each of the essential and desirable selection criterion where this is listed in the position description.  As a job applicant it is your responsibility to provide evidence of what you have done and how well you did it, what you achieved and how it relates to the requirements of the advertised position.

Failure to address the selection criteria will result in your application proceeding no further. 

Your application will include a brief covering letter, a statement addressing the selection criteria for the position and a copy of your resume or curriculum vitae (CV).  Make sure you include the position title and reference number for the position as stated in the advertisement.

Tips and Hints


  • Address each selection criterion
  • Use relevant examples
  • Be clear and to the point
  • Be honest and factual


  • Pad-out or write lengthy responses
  • Rely just on your resume or CV

What is the STAR model?

The start model is one way of presenting information against selection criteria.  For each selection criterion think about the following and these points will assist you in preparing your written application:

  • Situation – set the context by describing the circumstances where you used the skills or training and gained the experience
  • Task – what was your role?
  • Actions – what did you do and how did you do it?
  • Results – What did you achieve? What was the end result and how does it relate to the job you are applying for?

Your contact details

Provide contact details in your written application where messages may be left if necessary.  Be sure to advise us if your day-time contact number is a current work contact and you will be contacted with discretion.  If you are to be unavailable for any time after the closing date of the advertised position, please provide alternative contact details.

Your Resume/ Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Your resume/CV should include a summary of your education as well as work experiences detailing name of employer, positions held, dates of employment and brief details of duties performed, starting with your most recent position.  Include details of the names and contact details of two referees who are able to comment on your work performance (one of whom should be your current or most recent supervisor).

Do not include original copies of qualifications, examples of work, or folders with your application.  If you are selected for interview you should bring original copies of your qualifications, licences and certificates and proof of your right to work in Australia with you to the interview.

Check your application

Read your application to make sure you have completed all the required information.  Sign and date your application and make sure it reaches us before the closing date stated in the advertisement.  Late applications will not be accepted once the short listing process has commenced.

Address details of where to send your application are included in the advertisement. 
You can e-mail your application to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or it can be delivered in person to:

                Armidale Dumaresq Council
                135 Rusden Street, Armidale

Selection Process

The Selection Panel will short list applications based on the selection criteria and position requirements and the statement of claims you have provided.

If your application is short listed you will be contacted by telephone or e-mail and invited to attend an interview.  If you are invited to attend an interview you should advise the selection panel if you have any special needs.  In some circumstances a telephone interview may be arranged.  Generally you will be given 4 working days notice to attend an interview.

The Selection Panel may require you to complete skills based tests or other activities that help us to assess your suitability for the position.  You will be advised of this when you are invited to attend the interview.

Most questions you will be asked at interview will be behaviourally based, that is, you will be asked for specific examples of your past behaviour in situations similar to those in the advertised position.  We suggest you give some thought to the type of questions that might be asked and also the answers that accurately reflect your skills, knowledge and experience relevant to the position you are applying for.

If you wish to enquire about the progress of your application you should contact the person listed in the job advertisement.

Referee Reports

Telephone reference checks will be carried out on the preferred/ranked applicant/s.  At least two referees will be contacted and asked questions relevant to the position requirements and selection criteria and they will be asked to validate the claims you have made in your written application and at interview.

You must provide the names of two referees that have supervised your work.  Ensure up to date contact details are provided in your resume/CV for your referees.  Please advise the Selection Panel if you wish to be contacted prior to us contacting your referees.  Referees will not be contacted prior to the interview being conducted without your permission.

Special Requirements

If you have any special requirements such as disabled access, the provision of translation services, including signing for people with hearing impairment, please let us know when you are invited to attend an interview.  This will allow us the opportunity to make arrangements in advance and you will not be disadvantaged in any way.

Notification of Decision

The successful applicant will be contacted by telephone and a verbal offer of employment will be made.  A written offer including conditions of employment will then be forwarded by mail.

If you attended an interview and you were unsuccessful, you will receive written advice within 10 working days following interview.

Post Interview Feedback

An internal applicant whose application has been unsuccessful may request in writing the reasons as to why they were unsuccessful and a written response will be provided.

Unsuccessful external applicants seeking post interview feedback may be provided with a response from the Chair of the selection panel.

Employment Screening

Employment screening will be undertaken as part of the recruitment and selection process.  Screening checks include:

  • Identify checks (eg. driver’s licence)
  • Integrity checks (eg. referee and employment visa checks)
  • External checks (eg. working with children)
  • Medical and hearing checks.

Applicants invited to attend an interview are required to bring certain documents to the interview to verify your identity, right to work in Australia, education and academic qualifications. 

Documents must be originals or certified copies of originals.  The Chair of the Selection Panel will review documents at the time of interview.  Any anomaly that is identified in the employment screening process will be brought to the attention of the People & Performance Section for consideration.

If a preferred applicant is not appointed due to an anomaly during the employment screening process, they will be advised specifying the reason and will be offered the opportunity to respond in writing to the Manager People & Performance.

Further Information:

If you need more information or clarification about the selection process please contact the People & Performance Section on (02) 6770 3884.

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